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50AE which bulk projectiles?  (topic)
I plan on shooting my 50AE a lot (again). I had to retire it for a while when I cracked the frame playing around with high speed .440 Cor-Bon back in the day (I'm sad to say I sold that barrel to pay rent). My DE has well over 5k rounds...

Lonely Raven

05/11/12 20:07:52
where to find cheap .50 slugs?  (topic)
I bought some .50AE  and .500 slugs online but ended up paying about a dollar a pop. I was hopping for more of a savings. Is their a site that is more reasonable?


02/18/12 23:06:34
Rainier Lead Safe Bullets  (topic)
Does anyone know if these bullets are safe for use in a DE44? Does anyone have any experience with these?

jarhead mike

01/22/10 22:27:00
Range test of Rainier 335 gr Bullet  (topic)
Went to the range to test the Rainier 335gr flat point bullet in my DE today. My load was 29 grs of Winchester 296 with a Winchester Mag Pistol Primer in Starline and IMI brass. I was shooting at 15 yards (not much of a range) all were...


01/02/09 21:55:52
Rainier .50 bullets  (topic)
Midway is the only place I have been able to find .50 Rainier bullets. Any other places to buy them online? Thanks to all, pcctex


12/31/08 00:25:06
Rainier Loads  (topic)
Should i go with the 335grain bullet or something a little heavier to take advantage of the slower velocities you must push platted bullets? Is there any problems with the Rainier hollow points feeding or should i get the flat point,...


12/10/08 11:35:33
Berry's crimp  (topic)
I just picked up a box of Berry's .44 240 HP's. There is no cannelure on them. What do you guys think, can I put a slight roll crimp on them or should I get a taper crimp? Anyone use these? What worked for you ? Thanks in...


12/07/08 05:23:53
Rainier 335gr loads (with H110)  (topic)
I got a sample batch of Rainier 335s -- any suggested loads with H110? 10% under the starting load for H110 and the Speer 325?


03/09/08 15:50:17
Rainier loads? (topic)
I got a free sample of some .50 Rainier bullets. There's no lead loads published for .50AE and Rainier says to reduce by 10% any jacketed loads.Has anyone found this a reliable guide? Rainier says the .50s are plated thicker than their...


11/27/07 02:54:37
Rainier Plated bullets for the 50AE (topic)
Anyone had any experience with these bullets(335 gr.) in the 50?Wondered how they hold up to the velocities.Or, if the plating would flake and clog the gas port hole??They are cheaper than Speer jacketed. Just trying to find a cheaper...


01/14/06 01:28:01