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Just got a DE .44. Which powders are best?  (topic)
Folks,I just bought a California DE .44 and am pretty excited about it. I reload for my S&W .44 mag and have used 2400, H110, Unique (for lighter loads), and just bought a bunch of Alliant 300 MP, which I've heard good things about...


09/22/12 17:31:07
.44 Speer 270 bullet for hunting deer (topic)
Anyone using this bullet for hunting? I just loaded some up with 17.3 grns of 2400 and was wondering if anyone wanted to share their hunting loads for deer. I think I want to stick to a soft point instead of a hollow because I'm...


09/12/07 01:36:56
.44 300gr XTP (topic)
Has anyone loaded this bullet for hunting? It has two canelures, one for 1.600 OAL, and another for a longer one. I see MRI does not have any 300gr loads on their recommended ammunition list. Is there any reason not to load 300gr? If...


04/21/07 20:41:27
Reloading .44 with Blue Dot (topic)
Anyone having any success getting loads to chamber using this powder? I just got back from the range and did not have much luck. I had 180 and 240gr Hornady HP/XTP loaded with 16.3 and 14.3grs respectively.Thanks, Gary


04/13/07 02:37:52
relaoding for 44 DE (topic)
looking for tipps on bullet prefference for the 44 have been trying 240 gr sierra gold dot soft points in casses trimmed to 1.280 seatted to top of the crimp groove and crimped witha lee crimp die cycles well but get intermittent hang...

Redneck Shooter

10/28/06 05:04:48
180 Gr. bullets with H110. (topic)
I'd like to start with this combo. Anyone have a good charge weight in their database for a starting point.


12/28/05 23:14:29
.44 mag 180 gr? (topic)
I just recently started reloading for .44 mag, and have 240 gr right where I like them, but am ready to try something different. Is there a 180 or 200 gr load that will cycle the DE? Any info greatly appreciated!


12/02/05 23:39:57
Powder in .44 DEP (topic)
glad there is a forum especially for the DEP!!!My DEP pistol has never been really functioning well.I tried H110 (that is the worst), 2400 and No.9 - for what I think and heard the "standard" powders for the .44 DEP....


12/04/04 14:22:41